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Τhe GSB is going to take place for its 9th consecutive year in the same venue, the 5* Valis Resort that is situated in Agria, suburb of Volos, one of the main cities of central Greece. The venue is on the seaside just 15min from the center of the city. Valis Resort is one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels of Greece. 

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During the day you can enjoy your vacations and relax between the workshops using the pool of our venue. There is also a bar and a restaurant where you can enjoy your coffee, drinks or your meal. There will also be stands of dance merchandise available where you can find shoes or clothes as well as promotional stands of the next Salsa Events. 
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if you travel to the GSB from another city of the greek mainland, then you can arrive easily by car, bus or train. You can also contact the organized groups that start their journey from several cities in order to travel with them. 


If you arrive in the greek mainland by plane, then the closest airport to Volos is the Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki (SKG) that is situated 2.5 hours away from Volos. You can rent a car upon arrival or go to the Macedonia Intercity Bus Station and catch the next bus to Volos. 

You can reach the Macedonia Intercity Bus Station either by city bus (fee 1.5€) or by taxi for faster transfer (cost 20€).

The Athens airport Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH) is situated 3.5 hours away from Volos. In case that you chose a flight to Athens, you can use the city bus that is operating 24 hours per day (X93 bus) and be at the Liosion IntercityBus Station in 30' so that you can catch the next bus to Volos (fee of city bus 5€).

In any case, contact us as there will be several groups starting their journey from the airports (mainly the Macedonia airport) and if your flight happens to arrive within a convenient time, you could book a seat in their buses.


In case you are travelling by bus or train, after your arrival you can take a taxi and be in 10min at Valis Hotel or the nearby hotels (Barbara & Ballas). You can reach the hotels Alexandros & Electra even on foot. 


Volos Intercity Bus Station

Macedonia Intercity Bus Station (Thessaloniki)

ΤRAINOSE Train Network

Bus Connections from Macedionia Airport (Thessaloniki)

Bus Connections from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Athens)